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People who live along Zurich's transit axes, the so-called West Tangent, provide an insight into their daily lives. They relate their personal experiences, views and strategies, regarding the streets with the heaviest traffic in the city with the highest quality of life.
The West Tangent has been one of Zurich's most sensitive issues for over thirty years. In this documentary film, it is not the political debates, statistical reports, or traffic planning considerations which are focussed on, but for once the residents themselves, those who are most directly affected by the motor vehicle emissions, take centre stage.
The protagonists' individual ways of life differ in many respects, and they by no means constitute a homogenous group. Their statements are surprising and fascinating. For instance, the central location, the low rent, and the good connections in the neighbourhood, are also seen as opportunities, despite the social environment's limitations, segregation, noise, health problems, and air pollution.
The film offers an insight into everyday life on the streets of Zurich, which to some extent also applies to other urban regions, where, in the same manner, people put up with motor vehicle emissions, without any great protest on their part, and lead their lives under the, often precarious, conditions which this entails.

Kornelija Naraks

Director, born 1972 in Celje, Slovenia, studied at HGK Zurich, and culminated her studies with the short film "scheinheilig" (Sanctimonious), which she wrote and directed. Other films made during her study include: "kriminell" (criminal), "Bloody Mary", and the short documentary film "Sehnsucht nach dem Meer" (Longing for More). Documentary, "Living in Transit" 2007.
"Scheinheilig" as Best Short Film 2004, Ciné Festival Lausanne
"Scheinheilig", Max Ophüls Film Festival Saarbrücken, in the Short Film Competition, 2004

Monika Litscher
Social anthropologist.
Director: "Living in Transit", documentary..

Othmar Amsler
Esther Bosshardt
Karin Diezi
Rachel Duc
Erich Gujer
Saidy Janko
Habibollah Kahangelde
Mirka Mantovan
Toni Niederberger
Silvio Tommasini aka monoblock b
Günül & Güzel Vural

Producer: Rose-Marie Schneider
Directors: Kornelija Naraks, Monika Litscher
Camera & Editing: Kornelija Naraks
Interviews & Subtitles: Monika Litscher
Editing Advice & Colour Correction: Salome Pitschen
Sound Design, Music & Sound Mixing: Simon Grab, ganzerplatz
English Translation: Simon Thomas
Subtitling: Titra Film SA Genf





With the support of
International Society of Doctors for the Environment, Switzerland
(ISDE), Zurich Division
Hamasil Stiftung
Politische Gemeinde Gams
Dr. R. Rohling
Schäppi - Jecklin Stiftung

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